Brake Calipers

Syncwraps uses automotive grade and heat resistant material to help make your calipers stand out from the rest! With almost an unlimited range of colors, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right style for your vehicle.

Caliper Painting includes sanding, multiple layers of paint, logos (if desired) and masking of the vehicle.


Window Tint

Syncwraps is a Ceramic Only tint center. All of our films are fully ceramic and are accompanied by lifetime warranties from the most well known brands in the industry. We only use Llumar IRX Or Xpel Prime films to make sure that your vehicle gets maximum protection from UV rays and Heat!


Vehicle Wraps

Specializing in vehicle wraps, Syncwraps offers quality work at affordable prices. We use nationally recognized brands to ensure that your vehicle wrap stays durable throughout! In addition to the normal 1 year manufacturer warranties, we add an additional year of warranty for the wrap material and workmanship so that our customers never have more peace of mind.

Our vehicle wraps vary in cost by size, material and labor!


Paint Protection

Protecting your vehicle is important to us! We offer leading brands like Xpel and Suntek Films to help protect your vehicle from rock chips and other objects that could potentially cause thousands of dollars in damages! All of our PPF films come with a 10 year warranty and depending on which you choose, might also come pre ceramic coated as well.

Paint Protection Films vary in price based on vehicle, size and labor.


Powder Coating

Syncwraps offers Powder Coating for your wheels. This process enables a permanent change to the color of your wheels and can singlehandedly change the look of your car overnight! While most customers choose to change their wheel color to black, satin black or matte black, we offer unlimited color options for those looking for something more unique.

All of our powder coating services include:

  • Dismounting
  • Mounting
  • 1-2 Day Service

Powder Coating varies in price by color, size and labor.



Sync wraps has serviced hundred’s of Tesla vehicles in the past three years with a variety of services like:

  • Chrome Delete
  • Full Vehicle Wrap
  • Paint Protection Films
  • Window Tinting
  • Powder Coating Wheels
  • Interior Console / Dash Wrapping
  • Automatic Rear / Front Trunk Install
  • Brake Caliper Painting
  • More!

We are your one stop shop to customize your new Tesla and offer quick turnaround times with quality work!

Be sure to reach out to us and come into our showroom for examples of our work, color swatch booklets, powder coated wheel examples and more Tesla accessories!